Monday, March 5, 2012

Quick Tip: Hair Control

Styling your hair can be super difficult when your hair is damaged and an unruly mess. Here are some tips to help win the battle:

1. Try using a smoothing lotion. Chemical treatments and too much styling can strip away moisture, making your hair look dull. Consider a styling balm with light silicone and glycerin - it will add softness and shine so styling becomes much easier.

2. A detangling spray might be just what you need. Undoing tangles can leave you with a frizzy situation. Apply a spray-on conditioner to damp hair in order to stop knots before they even start.

3. Also, a repairing serum can do the trick. People who use a lot of heat when styling have to deal with broken, brittle ends. An antioxidant-rich serum can reverse damage so that hair is more manageable. A really good product is Ojon Instant Restorative Hair Serum, which can usually be found at about $25 at Sephora stores.

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