Monday, March 12, 2012

DIY: Perfect Mani

Don't feel like hitting the salon constantly to get a manicure? With these steps, you can nail a perfect mani without paying for a professional to do it!

You'll Need:
Metal cuticle pusher (more sanitary than wooden ones)
Cuticle remover - a good product is CND Cuticle Eraser. (it also hydrates your nailbeds and prevents hangnails!)
Nail file - use a file with a fine grit for the most natural nails

Step 1: File
Use a fine file and run it straight across the tip of your nails with a back and forth motion. Then round the corners so they don't snag.
*Don't file along the sides or buff the tops. It will weaken nails and cause them to peel.

Step 2: Prep
Apply a cuticle remover with a gentle acid (such as alpha hydroxy or glycolic) to dissolve the dead skin around your nails. Then, use a metal cuticle pusher to push them back neatly, and wipe clean with a towel.
*Swipe on acetone after this step so your polish adheres better!

Step 3: Polish
Make your mani last by starting with a base coat, then paint on two coats of color using three thin strokes (center, left, and right) from cuticle to tip. Finish with a top coat.
*Place the hand you're painting on a computer mouse - it will give you the perfect position to paint steadily.

Hope this helped! See you tomorrow

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