Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hairstyles: Headband Waves

Hey, so today I'm going to show you guys a really cool and easy way to make perfect, natural-looking waves with your hair. Instead of spending so much time in the morning spraying your hair and loading it up with gel in order to try and make your hair wavy, just try this out:

How To Make Your Hair Perfectly Wavy

You'll need:
Thin elastic headband...that's it!

1. Dampen your hair slightly.
2. Put the elastic headband on your head, partly on your forehead.
3. Grab a medium-sized section of your hair and twist it away from your face.
4. Loop the twisted section around the headband once.
5. Add some hair to the strand and twist it in. Loop again.
6. Repeat until you get to the back of your head, then start on the other side. After repeating the same steps as above, your hair will meet in the middle like the 2nd slide of the picture.
7. Spitz your hair with water before going to bed and getting a good night's sleep.
8. In the morning, take the headband off when you wake up and run your fingers through. The curls will relax in a few minutes.
Voila! Natural-looking curls - and you've saved some time the next morning!

1 comment:

  1. I think this worked way too well, instead of soft waves I now look like a poodle with super curly hair xD maybe it is because my hair is way too thin? thanks for sharing, though :) I´m going to try working around this so it will fit my hair :)