Monday, May 21, 2012

Check This Out: Hot Nail Designs for This Season!

Hey, sorry it has been a while...again. With studying for finals, weddings, and grad parties, my schedule has been extremely busy! To make up for my absence, today I'm going to share some super hot new things to do with your nails!

Something that might be new for you to try is stripes! White nails look extra fierce when paired with jet-black lines.

Using navy blue instead of black will give your nails a cute
nautical feel!
Another style is neon nails! Fluorescent shades will definitely electrify your look.

Polka dots are also in - those tiny dots of color really hit the spot!

What's sure to catch everyone's eye? Glitter! Get a 24-karat upgrade: Sprinkle gold glitter on a clear base to transform your nails into tiny treasures.

Swirls are way cool! Nail pens can give you multicolored spirals - they're like candy for your fingertips!

A lot of fashion magazines feature models with a single color on the ring finger that is different than the other fingers. Mix it up by using a shimmer on your ring finger and an opaque polish on the rest! This will be sure to help you stand out. 

Pastel polishes are my favorites. They're so cute and they give your nails a refreshingly sweet look!

Perfect for Spring!

I hope these designs helped you to switch things up on your nails. Thanks for reading! Bye

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